Are you worried that you may have an sti? We always advise you book an appointment at your GP but have a look through our website and look for any visible symptoms you may have.

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Genital Warts

Genital warts are quite common. They look like the warts you get on your hands but you get them down below. They’re easily treated but once you have the wart virus it can take months or years to clear it from your system in which time the warts can come back.

Symptoms and Warning signs

How do you get it?

Skin-to-skin contact and during vaginal or anal sex.

How do you treat it?

Commonly a clinic will prescribe an anti-wart liquid or cream such as Podophyllotoxin, which can be used at home. Another common treatment is freezing or laser treatment. Treatment may be uncomfortable but should not be painful. Never try to treat genital warts by yourself – always seek medical advice.

Long-term effects:

Some people find the warts come back at some point in future but it is very rare that they will cause any long term side effects.

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